Web Design and Web Development: Know the Basics

If you want your website to stand out, chances are that you will need to hire a good web design company. Hiring such a company is often better than trying to build a website on one’s own. A professional web design company or contractor will help to create a website that is able to produce outstanding results.

A website may have many goals but even so every website must start out with certain goals in mind. Its effectiveness can be evaluated by finding out how well the site meets its goals. Secondly, a good website is also one that loads quickly. The faster the website loads the more likely it is that it will attract more visitors because they seldom like to wait longer than a few seconds for the site to load. All that you have to make sure when designing your website is to keep up quality as well as speed.

When designing a website it is also important to make sure that the site can be loaded from different browsers as well as platforms. Visitors who are using different browsers will find it easy to load your site and this in turn will ensure that your site is able to load in any platform or browser.

SEO Secrets Revealed!

Placing your site on top of the search engine results page becomes more difficult each time. Gone are the days when you can get a good placement with just a good looking site and appropriate keywords. Today, these strategies are no longer as effective and all SEO specialists know this. SEO requires hard work, and it only gets harder as it change the way they look at pages online.

SEO may be viewed as a competition, but this competition employs art and science. Endless strategizing and brainstorming are involved in successful SEO. However, there is no strong formula. You may have a good website with good content but you may fall below the ranks. It can be tricky that some people wonder if they should even pay SEO specialists to help them with it.

Paying for ineffective SEO is disheartening, but this shouldn’t discourage you from investing in SEO. People commit a mistake of setting aside SEO during the early stages of their website. This is a wrong choice and one could end up spending more to fix the shortcomings.

There are different ways to increase your ranking, and it’s important to understand them. Keep in mind, though, that search engines can change the way they look at sites. Right now, there are certain factors that should be taken into serious account.

Relevant and fresh content is extremely vital for any website. Not only does it provide information for your visitors but also it allows search engines to be able to scan your pages. Search engines have an affinity to relevant and original content. Other websites also like linking to informative content.

Any SEO consultant knows the importance of title tags and descriptions, which should contain relevant keywords. We say keywords are relevant when they have something to do with your website. If your website is all about digital cameras, then you should optimize it using words or phrases that people use to look for information about digital cameras. This is tricky and frequently requires research.

An appropriate domain name can make you a winner. Right now, it’s tough to come up with domain names. A chosen domain name might turn out to be already taken by another website owner.

Creating sitemaps is something website owners should gladly consider. A sitemap allows it to find your content on your site, and it also allows search engines to know if you have posted new content.

Search engines are also particular with your website’s loading speed. Websites with fast loading speeds may get better rankings than slow loading websites. More importantly, visitors prefer websites that load right away. A website that takes too long to load disgusts visitors.

Optimization of websites should be done by considering both search engines and visitors. People don’t look at your sites in the same way search engines do. Seek the guidance of a search engine optimization specialist and get the best results for you website.

Website Promotion: What to Do With Content You’ve Written

Content makes the internet go round. Google thrives on new content and webmasters are more than happy to supply it in the hope of getting more traffic back to their sites. But where should you place the content you create?

Your own site takes priority

Your own site should take top priority for any new content you create.

Simply because you’re more in control of your site than you are of anything else.

Unless you do something really dumb like deliberately break someone else’s copyright or forget to renew your domain name, your site will always be there.

My personal aim is to put at least half the content I create on my own site. And I suggest that should be your aim as well.

Sites that can send traffic take next priority

Especially at first, it can seem that Google and the other search engines are deliberately avoiding listing your site in the search results.

That’s probably not the case but it can definitely seem that way.

Which is why I like using article sites like this one for around half the new content I create.

They have more authority in Google than the majority of other sites on the web. Plus there’s the option for visitors to republish the article on their own site – there’s a link somewhere on this page that encourages that – which spreads the article further across the web in a natural manner.

Other formats help

In recent months, I’ve taken to re-using the content I’ve written in different formats.

Generally I’ll only put one of each type of format somewhere – so I won’t post an article to more than one article directory for instance – but I will use several formats.

Articles are my first preference – maybe I’m old fashioned but they seem to work best for me.

Then I’ll copy and paste the article into a Word document, make the formatting look nice and then upload to a document sharing site such as SlideShare.

Once that’s done, I’ll use a screen capture software program and read out the article. This is then uploaded to YouTube for those people who prefer to watch rather than read.

I probably should also strip out the audio track and upload that to a podcast site such as iTunes but that’s not something I do at this time.

Keep doing it!

Google’s thirst for new content is insatiable.

It also seems to think that sites that are regularly updated with new content are more important than ones that stay relatively unchanged.

That means that you need to keep creating new content and uploading it to various places.

Of course, the content has to be good quality and useful. But so long as you know your subject that shouldn’t be a problem.

Set yourself a target to spend at least an hour a day on your internet marketing and at least half that time – probably nearer all of it – creating new content to help promote your website.